About Samos

Samos is making insurance simpler. Our flagship product, Surgical Risk Insurance (SRI) has been designed to help fill the gap in traditional insurance policies.

Samos was founded around a single mission: to provide security to folks having surgery. We created the world’s first Surgical Risk Insurance and offer it entirely on-demand and online. SRI is a quick, simple, and modern way for patients to get insurance coverage when they need it.

Whether experiencing surgery firsthand or watching a family member with worry, we know what it’s like to face uncertainty. That’s why we developed an on-demand insurance product that covers accidental death during surgery — affordable coverage that helps fill the gap in traditional insurance packages. Sign up is simple, no medical exam is required, and there are no monthly payments.


Insurance is noble in its original intent and technology is an enabler — we are melding these to build trusted protection solutions for the world.


Intrinsic Curiosity

We are always curious. We ask ‘why’. We learn, we experiment, we learn again, and then set forth on finding the common ground between our limitless dreams and the reality of what’s possible.

Work-life Balance

We’re productive, and we play too!  We recognize this balance is important for our camaraderie as well as everyone's mental health.


We encourage an open environment and forum for all team members to provide input in a safe and comfortable and mutually respectful setting.

Execution Matters

With the belief in our company — its goals and mission — as our “north star”, we execute.

Collaboration & Diversity

Great companies are powered by great products. Great products are built by great teams. Great teams are run by great individuals. We believe in a “mosaic” more so than “melting pot” and we win together.

Who We Are

The team behind Samos has decades of combined experience in insurance & insurtech in North America. We are thinkers, dreamers, believers and relentless do-ers. 

Samos is backed by world-class investors including SiriusPoint (NYSE: $SPNT) and Y Combinator.