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What is Samos?

What is Samos Surgical Risk Insurance?

What if my procedure is rescheduled?

What procedures are covered?

Who can I contact with questions concerning coverage?

Where is Samos licensed to operate?

Why do I need SRI if I have health, life, and/or AD&D insurance?


How much does it cost?

How much is the benefit payout?

What if my procedure is rescheduled?

How soon before my Covered Elective Medical Procedure or Surgery do I need to sign-up?

Who can apply for coverage?

What timeframe does the SRI policy cover?

Does SRI cover injury or disability as a direct result of surgical complications?

Is there a waiting period?

What if I don't know the exact procedure name?

What if I don't know the exact date of my procedure?

Does Samos cover me internationally?

How do I update or cancel my policy?

Is there a deductible?

Do I need to add a beneficiary to my application / activation?


What is the claims process?

How soon after a death do claims need to be filed?

How long does it take for a claim to be paid?

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